Why Magic??

MAGIC DVR delivers FULL HD video quality (1080p) in both live and playback at real time.

Is Frame Rate Important to You?

15 FPS
H.264, also known as MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding),
is a video compression standard that offers significantly greater
compression than its predecessors.
Our dual streaming technology enables independent resolution and frame rate
via online by re-compressing the data. This re-compressed data highly reduces
the network traffic and makes a better atmosphere for remote monitoring.
Our CMS (Central Monitoring Software) lets you control multiple DVR from different locations.
From the CMS you will be able to watch multiple locations in one screen and manage the
video, audio, playback, alarm, PTZ control, and much more!
Now you can monitor multiple DVR from your smart phone.
You will need to download the application name "CatchEye".
Currently we support iPhone, iPad, and Android.
Our DVR supports HDMI output, which opens the possibility to watch at the highest
resolution for all of the cameras at Blue-Ray quality (1080p).
Our DVR supports DDNS (Dynamic DDNS) for those customer who can't afford static IP address.
We offer for free our own DDNS server located in Korea. By using our DDNS server
you won't have to spend your time registering in DDNS server and it's free.
We also offer well known 3rd party DDNS provider like DynDNS and NO-IP.